Roles and Responsibilities of Company Secretary — Company Registration in Madurai

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Company Secretary

Company Secretary (CS) leader is a significant administrative and authoritative piece of a company. He as one of the legitimate delegates of a company performs and oversees different administrative capacities like conveying joining of the firm; doing the trick arrangement and review of business reports; documenting yearly returns; managing revised guidelines consistently, and so forth He additionally assumes a positive part as a Business Advisory to the top managerial staff of the company directing them join laws; corporate administration; vital administration; project arranging; capital business sectors and protections laws. In short; a Company Secretary fills in as an in-house lawful master and consistence official with the company. Here, we discuss about the topic on Roles and Responsibilities of Company Secretary — Company Registration in Madurai. Here a clear note about this topic below.

As indicated by the Companies Act, the Company Secretary is a person who –

1. Is an endorsed individual from Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and;

2. Performs capacities characterized by the Institution and adheres to guidelines and guidelines characterized under the Companies Act in activity.

The Companies Act additionally stands and gives unique status to each company secretary to function as a Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) to convey his skill as a representative in each:

• Privately owned business having settled up capital of Rs. 5 Crore or more.

Public Company having settled up capital from Rs. 5 Crore to Rs. 10 Crore.

Being portrayed by various jobs and obligations; a company secretary holds a multi-disciplinary foundation. This article will direct you for certain significant parts of characterizing the lawful status of a Company Secretary in India as far as both business and practice.

Roles of a Company Secretary

The company secretary is a structure square of a company; he should perform his obligations with sensible consideration. Other than being a legitimate guide he should guarantee all business systems to be coordinating with all lawful arrangements; assuming that not went along he might be considered liable for wrongdoing and might be excused on grounds of dishonesty or encroachment of lawful privileges of the company registration in madurai.

Obligations according to Companies Act:

• To start and convey consolidation methodology like confirming archives and procedures utilized in registration; guaranteeing conveyance of company registration in Madurai and assignment subtleties to enlistment center; making application for expansion in share capital; administering conveyance subtleties of offer endorsements of distribution; tracking share warrant holders; to agree and document yearly return; delivering legal revelation to get beginning testament; overseeing legal books; giving gathering updates and notification of comprehensive gatherings to each part; marking and verifying monetary reports and articulations (Balance Sheet and Profit and misfortune explanations ) in instances of non-banking monetary organizations; recording goal with recorder and getting ready minutes of all General and Board Meetings inside 30 days.

Obligations according to Income Tax Act:

• To confirm and submit validated returns and forms; to regulate verification and recording system of TDS (Tax Deducted at source); guaranteeing that appropriate TDS is being deducted from the compensation of representatives; guaranteeing TDS reports are very much kept up with and accommodation of TDS to government is properly done

Obligations according to Other Acts:

• Acquiring government endorsements; conforming to administrative strategies of Industrial questions; FEMA Act; State Insurance Act; Depositories Act 1996; Foreign Exchange Management Act; checking and agreeing with different legitimate laws like Labor laws; Competition Laws; Environmental laws, and so forth

Other General Duties of a Company Secretary:

• Exhorting specialists and BOD (Board of Directors) in hazard the executives; business arrangements and methodologies; corporate social obligations; brand value and picture building; overseeing scholarly privileges of the company; guaranteeing solid correspondence between partners; specialists and government.

Key Responsibilities of a Company Secretary in Practice

• CS as a Business Benefactor: The Companies act gives explicit right to a company secretary–to practice advancement and joining of organizations; to deal with company registration in Madurai review and affirmation administrations; to sign yearly returns; to deal with corporate rebuilding and takeovers; to examine reports and casting a ballot methods in a straightforward way; to direct recovery of debilitated organizations; to turn into a specialized individual from Company Law Tribunal; to research instances of taxation and corporate undertakings.

• CS as an Auditor: To guarantee corporate discipline and consistence with the laws; the Companies Act trusts a company Registration in Madurai to add-on a Secretarial Audit Report to the experts in form MR-3 guaranteeing compliances of the company with strategies characterized in everyday laws and legitimate demonstrations; to report any hostile matter of misrepresentation found to government.

• CS as an Advising Agent: CS fills in as educating specialist in cases with respect to — issue of offers; drafting of outline/deal letter/issues identified with protections/private position and buyback of offers; raising assets from worldwide business sectors; advance partnership and documentation; annual tax arranging; drafting of authoritative reports; in issues of licensed innovation privileges; directing in approaches of consolidation; mixture and joint endeavours, and so forth

Legal Restrictions and Powers of a Company Secretary

A Company Secretary is legitimately limited to limitations and at risk strategies characterized by ICSI and different administrative specialists. As a delegate body of a company he is-at risk for any carelessness done on his part which might bring about the release of his obligations; responsible for doing anything past his position; under the commitment of maintaining mysteries of a company from outcasts; at risk to be excused by virtue of creating any mysterious gains from company registration in Madurai. Other than this he — can’t go into an agreement for the benefit of the company except if approved by directors; can’t get money in name of the company; can’t recognize an obligation against a suit against a company; can’t enlist or move shares without due power of BOD.


The job of company secretaries is at the speed of development in Indian organizations; with an increment in number of compliances the need and obligations of CS can’t be dismissed. Assuming that a company registration in Madurai doesn’t follow the approach techniques of Companies Act and other definitive laws; it might run into various punishments to which just a Company Secretary counters.