Rectification of Trademark — Trademark Registration in Madurai

Rectification of trademark in India

Trademark Registration is a sort of protected innovation rights under which a visual image like word, name, shading blend, and so forth is utilized by organizations to recognize its labor and products from the other comparative items or administrations. After the documenting of the Trademark application, the Trademark Registrar would handle the application. In the event that the Trademark Examiner noticed any worry in the application conventions, he has the position to demand rectification of the trademark application. Rectification of Trademark — Trademark Registration in Madurai is what we are going to be discussed here and mentioned documents also.


Trademark Rectification is a legal method to address or review any bumble or avoidance that has been made in the nuances of a brand many trademarks enrollment. A mark or image has been wrongly enlisted or has stayed in the register even after its expiry needs rectification. The Indian Trademark Act, 1999, gives a chance to document to rectification of trademark of the enlisted trademarks.

The word rectification intends to address any mix-up or blunder. In the event that the recorder shows a slip-up while applying for a trademark enlistment application or after the enrollment of the trademark, the candidate can apply for trademark rectification. In any case, the rectification of trademark incorporates rectification or a mistake as well as fuses any change or modification which the candidate needs to make in the trademark application of Trademark Registration or subsequent to getting the endorsement of enlistment.

The candidate can apply for rectification of trademark whenever whether the mark is enrolled or is to be enlisted. The candidate can likewise apply for the retraction of the trademark under a similar office. In the event that the candidate’s enlisted logo isn’t being used for a long time, and 90 days then an appeal for the expulsion of such mark from the rundown of the enrolled trademark is made by the candidate. The candidate should record the rectification of trademark application in form “TM-16” alongside recommended expenses.

Who can file rectification request:

The bothered party is qualified for file a request for the rectification or cancellation out of trademark registration or expulsion of the enlisted mark.

Grounds for filing an application for trademark rectification or cancellation:

Section 57 of the Indian Trade Marks Act, 1999 (hereinafter suggested as “Act”) obliges the defense for Rectification of the Register:

Clauses (1) and (2) of Section 57 of the Act gives that when any individual troubled of any entry in the Register of Trademarks makes an application to the Appellate Board or to the Registrar, the Tribunal may take such steps for clearing out or assortment of the selection of the trade imperfection on the ground of any logical inconsistency or powerlessness to see a condition. The choice to report an application for rectification under Section 57 is a legitimate right given upon a manhandled party by an entry made in the Register. The said right is encircled by explicit essentials, for instance,

Invalidation or failure to see a condition entered in the Register as per the enlistment of the engraving; (Section 57(1)).

The Register encounters the nonattendance, a condition or a limitation on the selected mark; (Section 57(2)).

The entry made in the Register was made with no satisfactory justification for instance enlistment was procured by blackmail or bending of real factors or the engraving enrolled resembled a for the most part selected mark, etc (Section 57(2)).

Error in any entry made in the Register (Section 57(2)).

The entered mark was wrongly remaining on the Register for instance it is contrary to a piece of the plans of the Act or is presumably going to make disturbance among general society and trade; for instance The engraving is in refutation of Sections 9 and 11 of the Act (Section 57(2)).

The renew charge has not been paid.

Clause (4) of Section 57 gives that the Tribunal for instance the Registrar or the Appellate Board, ensuing to allowing a notice similarly as an opportunity of being heard to the concerned get-together, may either drop, vacillate, make or kill the section being alluded to.

Under Section 31(1) of the Act the principal enlistment of the trademark will be by all appearances proof of the authenticity of the engraving in all legal strategies relating to an trademark (recollecting for an application under region 57)

An application for alteration of a selected trademark registration is should have been archived before comparable Trade Marks Registry where the application for its enrollment was recorded. The technique before the Registrar is supported under Rules 97 to 100 of the Trade Marks Rules, 2002. An application under Section 57 is to be made in duplicate on Form TM-O (because of a total engraving or a testament mark). The application is to be joined by an attestation of case, setting out the possibility of the Applicant’s benefit, real factors whereupon the case is based and the assistance that is searched for.

Yet the Registrar of Trademarks is empowered to hear revision petitions against enrolled trademarks, in circumstances where an infringement suit is approaching under the careful gaze of a typical court and where the respondent in the suit is testing the authenticity of the insulted party’s trade mark, the capacity to hear applications for rectification of such trademarks vests just with IPAB and not with the Registrar.

Where to file for trademark rectification?

For trademark rectification or trademark wiping out, an application can be filed before the Trademark Registry, where the trademark application was initially filed for accomplishing its enlistment.

Procedure for trademark rectification in India:

The application form used to serve trademark rectification or retraction should be documented in endorsed form. The application should incorporate the assertion of case, and submit alongside the recommended expense. Then, the application can be submitted to the Registrar else it can be submitted to IPAB.

On receipt of the application, the Registrar serves notice to the enlisted owner to document a counter assertion.

When the counter assertion is filed the matter shows up at the proof stage. The gatherings might require documenting their particular proof as an Affidavit. After this, there will be a consultation. Therefore, the request is passed.

How to prevent trademark rectification or cancellation?

An enrolled owner to forestall rectification or dropping of a trademark registration in India will:

Renew their mark now and again.

Protect the particular person of the check and stay away from it from becoming misleading.

Not keeping the mark unused for a period surpassing five years and 90 days from the date of enrollment of the mark.


To forestall the rectification or wiping out or evacuation of an enlisted trademark registration from the register, legitimate safeguards should be taken for example the trademark renewal every once in a while, not doing anything which will annihilate the particular person of the mark or not permit the mark to stay unused for a period surpassing five years.

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